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A warm welcome to my house! I want you to feel completely comfortable and enjoy your stay to the fullest. Therefore, please never hesitate –even if it’s just for a small thing– to contact me (directly, via the slate next to your room entrance, via AirBnB messages or by phone/whatsapp +49 173 / 2 13 34 58). 

As a rule, I can be contacted at any time, as I am an independent coach and consultant working primarily from home in my own office (2nd floor left). More Host.

Various information about all possible needs of daily life and also special situations can be found in this room folder. 

For all other needs, wishes, questions etc. please contact me. Also in order to better meet your expectations, I am happy to receive suggestions and feedback from you in the spirit of “kaizen”, i.e. the principle of continuous improvement.

To all residents of the house, ie the guests of the room on the 2nd floor, me and my daughter Fatima “April” like son Ilyas Jason (only temporarily present) and the Scottish fold cat “Teddy”, a harmonious and relaxed coexistence, I ask you to comply with the few House rules.  Thank you very much!

I wish you a productive and at the same time relaxing stay!

To reach Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) by car/taxi takes about 30 minutes during normal traffic hours. By ⇢public transport, you should allow a good hour. As a rule, take the M11/X11 bus (from the “Stanzer Zeile” stop, about a 4-minute walk) to the “Lichterfeld-Ost” train station. For domestic flights you should check in one hour before, for international flights two hours before. 

Call 112! There is a phone on the kitchen counter or you can use your cell phone.
Name and address of the house: Kellerhoff, Hildburghauser Str. 140a, 12209 Berlin

A ⇢first aid kit is in left built-in wardrobe compartment (sticker white cross on green background).

You can ask me to find one together.

The following bakeries within walking distance offer a decent selection: 

  • Lichterfelder Bäckerei (8 min walk). Hildburghauser Str. 201, 12209 Berlin. + 49 30 77 05 97 27. Mon–Fri 06:00–18:00, Sat 06:00–15:00, Sun 08:00–16:00.
  • Mefos Bäckerei (4 min walk). Mariannenstr. 25, 12209 Berlin. + 49 30 77 05 97 27. Mon–Fri 07:00–14:00, Sat/Sun 08:00–13:00.
  • Bäcker Walf (18 min walk) Lankwitzer Str. 2–3, 12209 Berlin. +49 30 7 72 70 93. Mon–Fri 06:00–18:30, Sat 06:30–14:00, Sun 07:00–14:00.

The former has longer opening hours and offers more choice. The latter still bakes itself, is also a fine bakery and has the longest opening hours. Accordingly, long lines often form there on Sundays and holidays due to its popularity.

Several banks are located near the train station “Lichterfelde-Ost” (10–12 minutes walk). The nearest ATMs are located in Lichterfelde-Ost opposite the train station and outside at the Sprint ⇢gas station (Hildburghauser 27a).

According to the concept of “Work & Wellness”, for many a relaxing bath is part of it. You have the possibility to design the light atmosphere with fairy lights and candles according to your ideas. Various bath additives can be found right next to the bathtub. You can play appropriate music from your cell phone via the Bluetooth speaker. If you need additional towels, please inform your ⇢host.

The comforter covers (Sputjval and Luktjasmin from IKEA) are made of cotton and jersey, the fitted sheet Vårvial also made of cotton jersey. They are washed at 60 ° C. If you want a change out of turn, talk to your ⇢host

The house has two bells: 1. Garden door and 2. Front door. The first bell on the left of the garden door is an intercom system with video via WLAN connection. The second bell to the left of the front door is a simple electric bell.

If you are receiving visitors or expecting the pizza delivery service, make sure the garden door is open and your guests ring the front doorbell so you can hear it. Of course, you can open at any other time when the doorbell rings, for example, the parcel service or the like. 

You can bring your own beverages. Bottle opener, corkscrew and caps are in the drawer under the shaker (along with the ⇢cutlery) – and a ⇢fridge for cooling. There is a ⇢supermarket (Nahkauf, Mon-Sat 07:30-20:00) within walking distance with most common drinks or at the ⇢gas stations. Also, you can ask the host if you can buy something directly. By default, the following can be offered: 

Cola / Fanta / Sprite1 bottle 0,33 l2 €
Juice1 bottle 0,75 l4 €
Beer1 bottle 0,5 l2 €
Wine1 bottle 0,75 l Primitivo / Rioja5 €
1 bottle 0,75 l Pinot Grigio / Riesling8 €
1 bottle 0,75 l St. Emilion / Chateauneuf25 €
CocktailsFrom simple mixed drinks, e.g. gin and tonic (8 €), to complicated (12 €)8–12 €
Sparkling winePiccolo Fürst Metternich7 €
1 bottle 0,75 l Freixenet Carta Nevada semi seco20 €
ChampagnePiccolo Heydsieck20 €
1 bottle 0,75 l Veuve Durand25 €
1 bottle 0,75 l Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut100 €
1 bottle 0,75 l Veuve Clicquot Brut110 €

If you would like a Bible in German, ask your host. An English version is not available in print. You might use an online version. 

There are two bicycles and a children’s bike, which you can borrow (free of charge). Please contact your host for more information. A large bicycle store is

Das RADhaus Lichterfeld (19 min Fußweg), Hildburghauser Str 248a, 12207 Berlin. Mon–Fri 10:00–19:00. +49 30 76 80 77 07.

A smaller, more individual is

Bike-Mobil-Berlin (19 min Fußweg), Osdorfer Str 2a, 12207 Berlin. Mon–Fri 11:00–19:00, Sat 10:00–15:00. +49 30 34 49 53.

Both in your room and living room as well as dining room are books on various topics. There are more in my office. You are welcome to borrow some, especially the ⇢travel guides on the living room shelf (above the couch).

Empty bottles can be deposited in the left annex to the dining room (door behind the curtain). Glass bottles go into the left bag, deposit bottles into the right one. Of course, you are welcome to return the latter yourself. And for glass bottles there are also containers at Edeka (Hildburghauser Str. 52) and at the Gärtnerei (nusery) Thom (Hildburghauser Str. 176). 

Bottle openers are in the right drawer of the dressing table. 

Is not included in the price. However, you are welcome to start the day full of energy with one of the following options. 

2 toasts, butter, Nutella, 2 jams, 1 cold cuts and 1 cheese 5 €
1 glass of orange/multivitamin juice, 3 types of muesli with fresh fruit, milk or yogurt
6 €
1 glass of orange/multivitamin juice, 2 rolls, butter, various jams, various sausages and cheeses, 1 small bowl of muesli, eggs as desired (boiled, omelet, fried egg, scrambled egg), 1 yogurt
10 €
4 Superhealthy1 fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie, 2 rolls (spelt, rye), wholemeal bread, crispbread, butter, Nutella, honey, div. jams, 2 types of sausage and cheese, eggs as desired (boiled, omelet, fried egg, scrambled egg), natural yogurt, 7 different mueslis/cereals, flake squash (incl. oat, spelt, rye grains) with fresh fruit, soy/oat/almond/coconut milk, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber.
15 €
1 glass of orange/multivitamin juice, 1 fresh fruit or vegetable smoothie, 3 rolls, 1 sweet slice, pancakes or waffles with maple or cranberry syrup, Nutella, honey, Amlou, div. jams, Eszet wafers, div. Sausage and cheese, salmon, smoked trout, caviar, eggs as desired (boiled, omelet, fried egg, scrambled egg also with sausage, tomato and white beans), fruit yogurt and natural yogurt, 7 different mueslis/cereals, 1 sparkling wine piccolo20 €

Tea or coffee (filter coffee or freshly brewed) are always unlimited. 

It is best to let me know the day before what kind of breakfast you want, also what kind of coffee or tea and also where you want to dine (kitchen counter, dining table, garden table on the terrace). However, I am unfortunately not allowed to issue a separate invoice for this, if it can also be included in the room rate and thus the total price appears on the invoice.   

Alternatively, you can prepare your own breakfast with your own ingredients in your room or in the kitchen. 

You can call Taxi Berlin +49 30 20 20 20 or use apps like Taxi.eu or Uber. The basic fee in Berlin is 3,90 €. Up to the 7th kilometer is charged 2,30 € per kilometer, for longer distances 1,65 / km. Additional fees may apply if you are more than four people (5-8) or if you pay by invoice or coupon.

There are supplies in the left drawer of the dressing table. Ask the host if you need more!

You’ll find it in the cutlery tray under the Smoothie mixer.

For your safety, a carbon monoxide detector (Gloria K2D) is located in the entrance area to the right of the passage to the living room. In case of a too high concentration carbon monoxide in the air, the red LED is on and you can hear an alarm (4 beeps – break – 4 beeps).

Carbon monoxide, or carbon monoxide (CO) for short, is produced during the incomplete combustion of fuels containing carbon – in heating systems, during barbecues or even in shisha bars. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to significant health complaints, unconsciousness and even death. For example, in 2016 died 640 people in Germany alone due to carbon monoxide poisining. Typical symptoms of CO poisoning include visual disturbances, dizziness, severe headache, confusion, chills and nausea.

The probability of a high carbon monoxide concentration here due to the chimney and the heating system is extremely low: Both are checked and maintained annually by the respective professionals.

What to do in case of an alarm:

  1. Alert the ⇢host and all other persons in the house!
  2. Open all windows and doors!
  3. Leave the house with your mobile phone!
  4. Call 112!
  5. Inform the neighbors!

If the red LED flashes every 60 seconds accompanied by a tweet sound, the battery needs to be exchanged. This should theoretically happen in about ten years (as of January 2022).

If you need a car for a trip, you can consider car sharing instead of a rental car. 

  • Sharenow (share-now.com): with 1,800 cars the largest fleet in Berlin. From 0.26 €/min. (depending on car). Hourly packages also available. No subscription fees, pick-up/drop-off at BER airport €8. 
  • Miles Carsharing (miles-mobility.com): young start-up company limited to the Berlin S-Bahn ring. From €0.89/km, daily rates €0.39/km.
  • Sixt Share (sixt.de/share): Combination of classic rental car and car sharing. From 0.19 €/min. (no monthly subscription fees, pick-up/return at BER airport €8). 
  • WeShare Carsharing (we-share.io): only in Berlin and only VW E-Golf. From 0,19 €/Min.

The usual check-out time is 12:00, check-in from 15:00. For individual needs talk to your ⇢host. We will surely find a good solution.

A clothes horse is waiting for its use in the bed drawer. There is also a clothes fan on the balcony.

Your host is an independent life and business coach. If you would like to learn more or if you have a coaching need, please visit my website (create-consult.coach) or simply contact me. 

You can choose to make coffee with a coffee capsule machine, a French press, or Nescafé powder. A small assortment of capsules is in the drawer box just below the machine. Coffee powder is in the round metal can on the shelf above. However, you will then have to provide more capsule or coffee yourself.

While you will find pretty much all possible accessories (otherwise ask), you will have to bring your own computer. In case of emergency, ask your host. For the connection of your computer to the Word Wide Web ⇢Internet.

The welcome cookies, which you will find at the beginning of your visit and at the reception / kitchen, are baked by myself from spelt flour and of course free for you. Other ingredients as well as the shapes (see below) I always vary a little. 

The shape of the “little traffic light man” (Ampelmännchen) took on symbolic character for Berlin after the fall of the Wall, as they differed from the West German standard and were also perky and charming. The machinist, technical draftsman and psychologist Karl Beklau had successfully submitted his designs in 1961 (assisted by his secretary Anneliese Wegner). After the reunification, the designer Markus Heckhausen from Tübingen “rescued” the figures from building yards etc.. They were to be replaced by West German standards. Thus they became a symbol against “unreasonable post-reunification mentality” (Peglau). Heckhausen founded the Ampelmann company in 1995 and now sells the cult figures in all types and shapes. A book (Ampelmann. From traffic sign to cult figure.) has also been published. You can find it in the living room above the couch. 

The Berlin TV tower was built between 1965 and 1969 at the instigation of the then GDR head of state Walter Ulbricht. When it was inaugurated, a light reflection on the sphere, which then formed a cross, led to mocking names such as “Pope’s Revenge” and “Saint Walter”. Today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations with 1.2 million visitors annually. 

The Old Fritz or Frederick II “the Great” (1712-1786) continued his father’s commitment to Prussia’s greatness and is still effective today through his foresight, tolerance as well as love for the philosophy of the Enlightenment. 

The Brandenburg Gate was built by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II between 1788 and 1791 according to plans by the architect Carl Gotthard Langhans as a dignified end to the boulevard Unter den Linden. The quadriga on the roof was created by the sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow. Due to its location just behind the Berlin Wall (on the eastern side) and visible from the west, the monument became a symbol of the German division and subsequently a symbol of a reunited Germany.  

In the refrigerator you will find a cooling compress in case of need. In case this is not sufficient, there is also a ⇢first aid kit or ask your ⇢host for support or a ⇢doctor.

A corkscrew is located in the cutlery tray under the smoothie blender.

Available in your room (drawer under smoothie mixer):

2 large plates, 2 cereal bowls,2 wine glasses
2 small plates,2 coffee mugs.2 water glasses

You do not need to wash them yourself: there is a dishwasher in the kitchen. If you need more dishes, please contact your host.

You have a set of the traditional (since 1870), Black Forest based company Auerhahn (which means Capercaillie, the symbol animal of the Black Forest) consisting of:

3 knives3 big spoons,
3 forks,3 small spoons.

You do not need to wash them yourself: there is a dishwasher in the kitchen. If you need more or something special, contact your ⇢host

A complete list of all religious services of any denomination is not possible here and therefore we refer you to your own internet research. I limit myself to the nearest, walking distance, ordered by distance: 

  • Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage, Derbster Str. 42, 12209 Berlin (8 min walk). +49 30 4 70 06 76 90. de.kirchejesuchristi.org
  • Petruskirche, Oberhofer Platz 2, 12209 Berlin (12 min walk). 
  • Ev. Kirchengemeinde Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Sonderhauser Str. 50, 12249 Berlin (14 min walk). +49 30 7 11 50 27.
  • Mater Dolorosa (Cath.), Kurfürstenstr. 59, 12249 Berlin . 33. 12209 Berlin (16 min walk).
  • Macedonian Orthodox Church, Osdorfer Str. 16, 12207 Berlin (17 min walk).

Jehovah’s Witnesses gather at Königsberger Str. 37, 12207 (+49 30 76 76 93 10), about 21 min walk. 

The nearest mosque is the Marienkäfer Mosque, Mariendorfer Damm 46, 12109 Berlin (mariendorf-moschee.de, +49 30 70 09 86 26), is within walking distance. 

This also applies to the Buddhist community at Friedrich-Franz-Strasse 19, 12103 Berlin (buddhismus-deutschland.de) or the Shaolin Temple at Bundesallee 215, 10719 Berlin (+49 30 23 63 13 89).

Name and address of the house: Kellerhoff, Hildburghauser Str. 140a, 12209 Berlin

A ⇢first aid kit is placed in the cabinet part next to the window (see white cross on green background). Another, larger first aid kit is in the stairs to the basement, next to it a plaster dispenser. You will also find appropriate emergency equipment in the garden shed (if you use the pool and garden). 

A number of ⇢doctors of different specialization practice their profession not far from here. It is best to search on ⇢Google Maps and make an appointment by phone. 

If you are insured by a European insurance, you might also consider the on-call doctor of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: The phone number 116 117 is available around the clock (24/7). 

Normally, you should be able to enjoy the peace and quiet here in the house and in the area. Should this not be the case, e.g. birdsong in the morning, you will find ⇢earplugs in the third drawer under the smoothie mixer. 

In addition, in exceptional cases, I will knock on your room door. Should you have absolute focus, e.g. for a video conference, you can additionally use the “Do not disturb” sign in the large drawer of the office section (together with webcam, green screen, headset, etc.) and hang it on the door outside. My daughter “April” designed the signs.

The nearest dry cleaning is Textilpflege, Hildburghauser Str. 52–54.

Your bedspread (four-season duvet Fjällbräcka by IKEA) made of duck feathers and down in cotton consists of two blankets: a light summer and a thicker, warmer. Both can be knotted together to create a warm winter blanket. So, depending on the season, you will have a different combination. If you want to change it, use the gray box above the microwave (to take a blanket from there or put it there). For other requests, ask your ⇢host

The neighborhood is usually very quiet. However, if you do feel disturbed, there are ear plugs in the third drawer under the smoothie blender.

In case of emergency please inform your ⇢host immediately (+49 173 / 2 13 34 58) and call

There is a telephone on the kitchen counter or you can use your cell phone. Name and address of the house: Kellerhoff, Hildburghauser Str. 140a, 12209 Berlin 

Escape plan and Behavior in case of fire are attached to your room door as well as in here:

Normally, power outages do not occur in Germany. However, if the power should ever be gone, contact your host! The ⇢fuse box is located in the host’s room (basement).

There is a flashlight in the left desk drawer. In addition, you have candles and matches in your room as well as in virtually all rooms of the house. 

Emergency lighting on the first floor, entrance area and in the basement stairway sufficiently illuminates escape routes.

Emergency lighting (Lunatec NX5880-919) on the second floor, entrance area and in the basement stairway sufficiently illuminates escape routes. Additionally, the devices can be taken out of the socket and used as torch lights.

Electric scooters have also become popular in Berlin. The following platforms offer their services after you have downloaded the respective app on your cell phone:

  • Tier (tier.app): blue-black scooters in Europe. 0.15 €/min plus 1 € as starting rate.
  • Lime (li.me): Orange scooters for 0.20 €/min plus 1 € Start tariff.
  • Bird (bird.co): U.S. company trying in Germany. 
  • Voi (voiscooters.com/de): a Swedish startup also offers 45 min at a fixed price, daily rate and monthly subscriptions. 
  • Jump by Uber (jump.com): red scooters of the well-known transport company, 0.15 €/min plus 1 € initial fee.
  • Dott (ridedott.com) a Munich startup with scooters of different colors… 
  • Wind (de.wind.co): yellow scooters. 

Be aware that it is forbidden to use footpaths and pedestrian areas.

Berlin and the surrounding area offer many possibilities. The best way to get inspired is on the Internet or by appropriate books in your room or the ⇢travel guides on the living room shelf (above the couch). For the nearest surroundings, I have compiled a few tips in the AirBnB app. 

An extension cord is located in the drawer of the right nightstand. For morAn extension cord is located in the top drawer of the office section of your closet along with the webcam, green screen and headset. For more cables or additional plugs, contact your ⇢host

As you must have noticed, the space in your room is limited. It is difficult to realize an extra bed. However, a travel cot is available if needed. Please contact your host for this!

There are extra pillows and blankets stored for you in the gray boxes above the smoothie mixer. Feel free to swap them out to have the best solution for your sleep.  

A cooling eye mask is ready in your refrigerator. A regular eye mask can be found in the cosmetic box in the vanity drawer. 

I am grateful for any kind of suggestions and ideas for improvement. Do not hesitate! I really appreciate it. Just talk to me, leave a message on the slate next to your room entrance or write me in AirBnB messages or WhatsApp (+49 173 / 2 13 34 58). Thank you in advance!

– either from your cell phone or the landline phone on the kitchen counter.

Name and address of the house: Kellerhoff, Hildburghauser Str. 140a, 12209 Berlin 

Fire extinguisher and fire blanket can be found in the stairs to the basement. Another fire extinguisher and fire blanket are in the garden hut (barbecue!). Please avoid open fire in your room!

Of course, you are welcome to use the fireplace as well – that’s what it’s there for. Make sure that the lever on the left side of the stovepipe above the fireplace is vertical, i.e. on draft. If it is too (horizontal), you will smoke yourself in. The chimney set is to the right of the fireplace, and you’ve probably already spotted it. 

If the wood in the stretcher under the TV should be all, it is best to take logs that have been stored the longest (each stack bears the year of storage, marked in the lower third). Storage areas are behind the conservatory/dining room, next to the garden shed, and behind the garden shed. 

Kindling wood, excelsior and brushwood can be found in the storage room adjoining the conservatory/dining room on the left (there is a door behind the curtain). I wish you an atmospheric evening.

The Essential Guide to First Aid can be found here.

A first aid kit is located in the closet next to the window (see white cross on green background). Another, larger first aid kit is in the stairs to the basement, next to it is a band-aid dispenser. You will also find appropriate emergency equipment in the garden shed (if you use the pool and garden). A ⇢cooling compress is in the refrigerator. A ⇢ice cube bag is next to the first aid kit; ⇢ice cubes in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. Also ask other household members and especially your ⇢host for assistance!

The nearest flower stores are

  • Blumen u. Pflanzen (19 min walk), Hildburghauser Str. 73, 12279 Berlin. Mon–Fri 07:00–18:00, Sat 07:00–14:00, Sun 09:00–12:00.
  • Blumen am Bahnhof (18 min walk), Lankwitzer Str., 12209 Berlin. Mon–Fri 08:00–17:00, Sat 09:00–14:00, Sun 09:00–13:00. 

In addition, some ⇢supermarkets and ⇢gas stations also offer flowers during longer opening hours – though often with lower quality. And aren’t small, independent businesses worth supporting?

You should not starve here. You have your own microwave and kitchen at your disposal. There you also have two, appropriately marked shelves for storing your food. For fresh things, please use your own refrigerator. 

In addition, in the immediate vicinity are several restaurants with pick-up and delivery service: 

  • Mangali (4 min walk), Hildburghauser Str. 110, 12209 Berlin. +49 30 7 11 50 18. Tue–Sat 12:00–00:00, Sun 12:00–23:00. 

Pick-up is also possible from these restaurants: 

  • Trattoria Il Pomodorino (4 min walk), Italian restaurant with beer, wine, and many other drinks, too. Hildburghauser Str. 112, 12209 Berlin. + 49 30 54 81 92 34. Tue–Fri 16:00–23:30, Sat/Sun 12:00–23:30.
  • Taverna Levkos Pyrgos (4 min walk), Greek restaurant where you can also have a drink. Hildburghauser Str. 115, 12209 Berlin. +49 30 72 01 28 66. Tue–Sat 14:00–22:00, Sun 12:00–22:00.

Also, the classical fast food chains are not far: 

  • McDonald’s (17 min walk), Osdorfer Str. 125a, 12207 Berlin. Mon–Thu 08:00–00:00, Fri 08:00–01:00, Sat 08:00–01:00, Sun 09:00–00:00.
  • Burger King (23 min walk), Ostpreußendamm 60, 12207 Berlin. Mon–Sat 09:00–23:00, Sun 10:00–23:00.
  • Burger King (35 min walk), Nahmitzer Damm 12, 12277 Berlin. Mon–Thu 09:00–01:00, Fri/Sat 09:00–02:00, Sun 10:00–00:00.

The following delivery apps work in Berlin: 

The furniture is almost all from IKEA and was purchased specifically for AirBnB rental in September / October 2021. The carpet is hand-knotted and comes from Iran. 

The fuse box is in the host’s room in the basement (first door on the right). It is located behind the first metal door with tile mirrors just to the right of the entrance.

The garden belongs to the common areas. Next to the swimming pool is a trampoline and various children’s play equipment (slide, swing, garden house, sandbox). Likewise, when the weather is nice, it is a great place to sunbathe (⇢garden lounger) or barbecue (⇢grill). Additional blankets and towels can be taken from the commode in the entrance area.

Two garden loungers are at your disposal in the garden. They can be used freely – unless they are already occupied. Alternatively, you can take blankets and towels from the commode in the entrance area. 

The nearest gas stations are: 

  • Total, Hildburghauser Str. 222, 12209 Berlin. Mon–Fri 06:00–22:00, Sat/Sun 08:00–22:00.
  • Sprint, Hildburghauser Str. 27a, 12279 Berlin. Mon–Sun 05:00–23:00.
  • Star, Hildburghauser Str. 7, 12279 Berlin. Mon–Sun 02:30–02:00.
  • HEM, Lichterfelder Ring 976, 12279 Berlin. Mon–Fri 06:00–22:00, Sat/Sun 07:00–22:00.

The cheapest is usually Star (without guarantee). You can also see and compare the current price with the app 1-2-3 Tanken.

The location is ideal for golfers: you can reach four courses by car in less than 30 minutes without getting caught in city traffic:

  • Golfzentrum Rennbahn Berlin, Hirzerweg 61, 12107 Berlin (13 min). +49 162 4 06 66 20. golfzentrumberlin.de
  • Golfrange Berlin-Großbeeren, Am Golfplatz 1, 14979 Großbeeren (18 min). +49 33701 3 28 90. Täglich 10:00–15:00. golfrange.de
  • Golfclub Maslow e.V., Föhrenweg, 15831 Blankenfelde-Mahlow (24 min). +49 3379 37 05 95. Täglich 09:–22:00. gcmahlow.de
  • Golfanlagen Gloß-Klienitz, An der Straße nach Dehlitz, 15831 (25 min). +49 33708 53 70. Täglich 08:00–18:00. grosskienitz.de

You can find more courses in and around Berlin. 

The grill is either already set up outside or is in its winter quarters (garden shed) along with the grill utensils. In that case, you should ask your host about it. The same applies to barbecue coal. Please clean the grill after use so that it is available for the next user. 

If the sports room in the basement is not enough for you or you appreciate the atmosphere in a real gym, then you will find a few clubs especially around the Lichterfeld-Ost train station: 

  • Bodystreet, Oberhofer Weg 15, 12209 Berlin (14 min walk). +49 30 34 62 63 76. Mon–Fri 08:00–20:00, Sat 10:00–14:00.
  • Mrs. Sporty Club (for women), Ferdinandstr. 31–35. 12209 Berlin (16 min walk). +49 30 77 00 79 15. Mon–Sun 06:00–21:00.
  • Turnvater e.V., Ferdinandstr. 33. 12209 Berlin (16 min walk). +49 76 68 72 24. Mon–Fri 07:00–20:00. turnvater.de
  • Elixia Vitalclub, Lankwitzer Str. 19–24, 12209 Berlin (17 min walk). + 49 30 27 49 02 70. Mon–Fri 06:30–23:00, Sat 08:00–21:00, Sun 09:00–21:00. elexia.de

Look at me! Do you think I have knowledge about and experience with hairdressers? You have to try it yourself. Within walking distance you have:

  • Hairsalon Cutaleya by Samra (18 min walk), Osdorfer Str. 125, 12207 Berlin. +49 176 61 92 03 67. Mon–Sat 09:00–20:00. 
  • For You Coiffeure (10 min walk), Hildburghauser Str. 76a, 12249 Berlin. +49 30 7 11 04 84.

A hair dryer is located in the third drawer under the smoothie blender. In the bathroom, you can plug it into the socket on the right compartment of the mirrored cabinet.

You can take two aspirin tablets from the cosmetics box in the drawer of the washstand. If you need more or other ⇢medications, contact your host or the nearest ⇢pharmacy

A central gas heating system is installed in the basement. With the thermostat on the two radiators in your room you can choose desired heat yourself. If you have any questions, please contact your host!

Your host is Olaf Kellerhoff. You can reach him by means of: 

  • Direct approach / knock on the office door (2nd floor),
  • Slate next to your room entrance,
  • AirBnB messages,
  • Cell phone / WhatsApp: +49 173 / 2 13 34 58,
  • Knocking on the basement door of the night in case of emergency.

After years abroad, he returned to Berlin for the sake of his children and started his own business as a coach. Instead of traveling countries as before, the world has been his guest through AirBnB since the end of August 2021.

Co-hosts are 

  • Fatima “April” Kellerhoff (temporarily)
  • Ilyas Jason Kellerhoff (temporarily)
  • Scottish Fold Cat “Teddy”

More about Olaf Kellerhoff on

Private Website
Company website
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Normally I am the “room boy”; i.e. you do not need to clean. For longer stays, bed linen and towels are changed once a week (Mondays). If you wish another rhythm or have any other request, please contact your host.Nevertheless, if you feel the need to do a little cleaning of your own accord, you will find the appropriate cleaning supplies at the bottom of the closet section under the smoothie mixer. 

  1. Work productively, relax proactively!
  2. Night rest in Berlin 22:00.
  3. Do not smoke in the house, but on the balcony or terrace! 
  4. If you have more than two guests, please coordinate with the host. 
  5. If someone should stay over night, no problem, only please inform then (don’t want to shoot anyone as burglar 😉
  6. Lock the front door from the inside after 22:00. 
  7. Express wishes, give feedback!

There are ice cubes in both your own refrigerator and the kitchen freezer.

The ice cube bag is intended more as a first aid. That is why it is located next to the first aid box (left built-in cabinet, white cross on green background).

A LAN cable is directly at the desk. It is linked to the ⇢Powerline Adapter, which provides an additional ⇢Wifi network in your room.

For⇢Wifi, you can scan the QR code on your right night table or on the kitchen counter or look up the password at ⇢Wifi.

You can download an invoice for your stay directly yourself in the AirBnB app or website:

  1. On the website (logged in) or in the app, go to “Travel” and select the stay you want. 
  2. Then click on your booked accommodation.
  3. Then tap on “Get receipt” and select VAT invoice. 

Alternatively, you can select “Payment Details” on your booking confirmation email, then click “Retrieve Receipt”. If desired, take the “VAT Invoice” option. Unfortunately, an invoice for additional services such as breakfast, bottle of wine or cigarettes or similar is not possible.

A small travel iron and a steamer are in the left door of the dressing table. You can take a towel and put it on the dressing table as an ironing board – or you can ask your host for the large ironing board and steam ironing station.  

For a short jog, the nearby Lilienthal Park is a great place to go. For longer distances with little car traffic, you can run across the state border to Brandenburg and enjoy the open field. 

Upon arrival you will receive a key ring with two keys: One is your room key. The other, color-coded, fits three locks: front door upstairs and downstairs and garden door. Please do not forget to return them! Thank you!

The kitchen of the company Nolte (second biggest kitchen manufacturer in Germany, established in 1923, exporting to over 60 countries) has all kinds of kitchen equipment, with which you can prepare all the dishes of the world. These include: 

AEG Induction stoveSiemens Whisk,
Bauknecht OvenMoulinex kitchen machine,
Caso microwave,Renkforce Hot air fryer,
Neff DishwasherBackprofi Breadmaker,
Neff Extractor hood
WMF smoothie mixer,Waffle iron,
Krupps sandwich maker,Severin Toaster,
De’Longhi coffee maker,Hot plate,
Graef coffee grinder,Plate warmer,
ESGE Zauberstabetc.

We have two compartments reserved just for you to store food (far left corner cabinet next to the refrigerator) and pull-out cabinet (to the right of the refrigerator) including few plastic boxes.

Except for the coated pans, you can have practically all dishes and sometimes individual accessories of utensils washed in the dishwasher. However, please wash the pans by hand (and do not use the scratchy side of the pot sponge). You can use oil, herbs, and spices (over the stove top or fresh in front of the window). Individual kitchen herbs can also be found in the garden. For longer cooking sessions, we should coordinate if necessary. 

If you would like to read the Koran, ask your host!

For working and watching movies but also having breakfast in bed is the laptop table, which is placed next to the laundry bag in the diagonal wardrobe part at the head of the bed. 

For your personal laundry you can use the laundry bag in the right built-in closet.  Washing machine and dryer are at your disposal 24/7 in the basement. Detergents, etc. are located on the shelf above. For questions about how to use them, contact your host. For dry cleaning.

A lint brush awaits its use in the left drawer of the dressing table. If you need a replacement roller, let me know!

Excess baggage can be expensive. That’s why it’s best to check your airline luggage with the luggage scale in the second drawer under the coffee maker. It is a battery-less device; that means you have to press the green button several times to activate the dynamo before the scale shows anything.

Mail Post.

For all technical devices, the corresponding instruction manuals are in the drawer of the right bedside table (next to the entrance door). Digital versions (pdf) are linked in this manual under the respective keyword, or in this table:

Coffee MachineFrench PressHair Dryer
Luggage ScalePowerline Adapter
SafeScaleSmoothie MixerTelevisionTV Suspension
Travel PlugWater Kettle

Two FFP2 masks are in the third drawer under the smoothie blender. If you urgently need more, contact your host. Other masks are described under ⇢Eye masks. 

In the area you will find several opportunities to relax with a massage, all by appointments. 

  • Mandaya Spa, Trippsteinstrasse 31, 12249 Berlin (15 min walk). +49 30 80 92 57 95. Mon–Fri 09:00–18:00, Sat 09:00–15:00.
  • Touch Your Soul, Goldaper Str. 9. 12249 Berlin 31, 12249 Berlin (16 min walk). +49 30 8 23 69 37. Mon/Wed 10:00–15:30, Tue 10:00–18:00, Thu/Fri 10:00–19:00, Sat 10:00–15:00.
  • Praxis für Gesundheit und Ästhetik, Brauers. 8, 12209 Berlin (17 min zu Fuß). + 49 30 89 00 07 01. Mon–Fri 10:00–18:00.
  • Spa Natura, Hindenburgdamm 9, 12203 Berlin. + 49 30 89 00 07 01. Daily 10:00–22:00.
  • Kamlai, traditionelle Thai-Massage, Drakestr. 40 12205 Berlin. + 49 30 30 13 64 21. Fri–Sun 08:00–20:00, Thu 08:00–19:00.

Unfortunately, I do not know of any masseurs with home visits. 

You can take two aspirin tablets from the transparent box in the third drawer under the smoothie blender. If you need more or other medications, contact your host or the nearest ⇢pharmacy. For prescription drugs, you must first consult a ⇢doctor anyway.  

Above the Smoothie Mixer you’ll find a small microwave (Sharp R200BKW), which is easy to use (no complicated menu) and powerful enough for the most common tasks.

The microwave (Caso MCG 25) in the ⇢kitchen (above the oven) is bigger and offers more functions that you can best take from the operating instructions next to it.

Although you have a refrigerator for your own use, you do not have an explicit minibar. You will then have to take care of an individual compilation yourself.

If you are indeed plagued by snakes and mosquitoes, it is best to contact your host! In addition, in the upper left drawer of the dresser of the entrance area are mosquito spray (for rubbing) and mosquito spirals.

Printed newspapers are not subscribed, but are available at the nearest newsstand (Mefos ⇢Bakery). And of course you can also get newspapers and magazines at the ⇢gas stations at other opening hours. The largest selection also of magazines has

Tabakwaren Haese (16 min walk). Lankwitzer Str. 1, 12209 Berlin. Mon–Fri 06:30–18:30, Sat 07:00–14:30.

The official night rest in Berlin is 22:00. We have very nice and at the same time very noise-sensitive neighbors. Accordingly, please be considerate. 

According to the motto Work & Wellness you should find everything to enjoy a productive and relaxing stay with me. If this should not be the case, then I ask for ⇢feedback. Thank you in advance!

Your workstation is designed so that you only need to plug in your laptop and get started. For this you will find the following in the office section of your cupboard (all operating instructions are in the left drawer of the desk): 

Other office equipment is mainly located in the drawers such as hole punch, Dahle paper scissors (20cm), stapler, etc. Consumables are located in the drawers as well as in the filing cabinet. This includes: 

Stationery,Plastic envelopes,Slicky notes,
Grid folders,Tape,etc.

In addition, you can take one file folder. If more than one, let’s talk about possible compensation. 

For stamps, I would ask you to settle the value if you use any. Alternatively, you can buy an internet stamp at deutschepost.de and print it directly. 

If you should need more or something special or need help, ask me! Likewise, it would be beneficial to inform me when materials are used up. 

Most of the paintings in the house are from art galleries in different countries. If you are interested, ask your host for a guided tour.

You are welcome to use the right parking space in front of the double garage (“140a”). It is best to coordinate this verbally. Alternatively, you can use the parking spaces on Hildburghauser Straße. If these are occupied, it is advisable (seen from the house) to turn left into “Verlängerte Georgenstraße” and if necessary left again into “Wallendorfer Weg”. There, the searcher will always find something. 

For more than two guests, please coordinate with your host!

Our house cat is called “Teddy”. He is a Scottish fold cat. You can bring your own pets by arrangement. 

The closest pharmacies are: 

  • Hedwig-Apotheke am Markt (15 min by walk). Oberhofer Weg 2, 12209 Berlin. + 49 30 7 72 25 80. Mon–Fri 08:00–18:30, Sat 08:00–13:30.
  • Gertruden-Apotheke (18 min by walk). Lankwitzer Str. 2–3, 12209 Berlin. + 49 30 7 72 10 96. Mon–Fri 08:00–19:00, Sat 08:00–14:00.
  • Burg-Apotheke (13 min by walk). Hildburghauser Str. 53, 12279 Berlin. + 49 30 7 11 30 71. Mon–Fri 08:00–18:30, Sat 08:30–13:30.

You can find the current pharmacy on emergency duty at the following website: https://www.aponet.de/apotheke/notdienstsuche

By default, you have one large (80×80 xm) and one small (40×80 cm) pillow on the bed. If you prefer to try a softer or harder version, look in the gray box above the smoothie mixer. Feel free to swap them out to have the best solution for your sleep.

The nearest police station for this sector is: Polizeidirektion 4 – Abschnitt 46, Gallwitzallee 87, 12249 Berlin. + 49 30 4 66 44 46 70. Open: 24 hours.

The pool (unheated) can be used by all residents of the house freely and at their own risk. Additional blankets and towels can be taken from the dresser in the entrance area (after that please throw them in the laundry basket on the basement stairs). After 22:00 please be considerate of the neighbors. Thank you!


The nearest post office is:

Deutsche Post Filiale 508, Hildburghauser Str. 52 (in Edeka Supermarket), Öffnungszeiten Mo–Fr 09:00–19:00, Sa 09:00–16:00. 

A mailbox is about 50 m from here on the corner of Hildburghauser Str. / Scheelestr. Emptying time are: Mon-Fri: 15:30 and Sat: 13:00. Of course you can also have your own mail sent here. Please note “c/o Olaf Kellerhoff” in addition to the address Hildburghauser Str. 140, 12209 Berlin.

If you receive mail to this house, you will find it in your inbox (“Work & Wellness”) on the kitchen counter.

The AVM Fritz Powerline 1260e is in the left corner of the room behind the hand-carved chair. It is generating your Wifi in the room. Also, a LAN cable (left drawer of the dressing table) can be connected to it.

The LEDs of the device are switched off by purpose: to allow you a sound sleep undisturbed by lights. If you face any Internet problems, please contact your host. Still, if interested, you find the manual here.

The public transport system in Berlin comes right up to our front door. The bus stop “Oberhofer Weg” is served by the buses of line 112. A little further away (about 4 min walk) is the bus stop “Stanzer Zeile”, where the buses of the lines M11 and X11 run. Via the nearby train station “Lichterfelde-Ost” you can reach practically all other destinations in and around the capital.

Admittedly: Compared to ticket systems in other cities, Berlin’s fare system is so complicated that even controllers don’t always have an overview. We are here in zone B. If you don’t want to leave Berlin (e.g. trip to Potsdam or airport BER = zone C), then always take a ticket AB. If you plan three trips or more, take a day ticket. If you are staying longer, then a weekly or monthly ticket. If you purchase the ticket in the BVG app (see below), you always have it with you and cannot lose it. 

To get around Berlin’s public transportation system, we recommend using three apps – just the way you like it: 

  • BVG – the official app of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe incl. online ticket purchase, 
  • Google Maps – the universal classic is also designed for bus and train use, 
  • Öffi – Android App and Timetable information made easier and more manageable. 

The refrigerator is in the middle cabinet area. The 45l unit is continuously adjustable. The instruction manual is in the left desk drawer. 

When you do not need it, you can turn it off by simply pressing the corresponding switch of the multiple socket. 

Several companies offer their services. The closest (but all in principle only accessible by public transport) are: 

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Lausanner Str. 83, 12205 Berlin. Mon–Fri 08:00–16:00, Sat 09:00–12:00. +49 30 8 18 20 10.
  • Europcar Berlin Steglitz, Albrechtstr. 27, 12167 Berlin. Mon–Fri 07:00–18:00, Sat 08:00–12:00. +49 30 75 65 01 89.
  • Sixt Autovermietung Berlin Tempelhof, Mariendorfer Damm 8, 12109 Berlin. Mon–Fri 07:00–15:30, Sat 08:00–12:00. +49 89 66 06 00 60.
  • VW FS Rent-A-Car Berlin Zehlendorf, Beeskowdamm 2, 14167. Mon–Fri 08:00–17:00. +49 30 81 48 87 11.
  • Buchbinder Berlin, Mariendorfer Damm 197–199, 12107 Berlin. Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00, Sat 08:00–12:00. +49 30 76 10 81 11.

In addition, there is also the possibility to use ⇢Car-sharing.

Hopefully, the nicest bar in town is my house. But if you are looking for variety, the nearest bars are within walking distance:

  • Trattoria Il Pomodorino (4 min walk), Italien restaurant. Hildburghauser Str. 112, 12209 Berlin. + 49 30 54 81 92 34. Tue–Fri 16:00-23:30, Sat/Sun 12:00–23:30.
  • Taverna Levkos Pyrgos (3 min walk), Greek restaurant. Hildburghauser Str. 115, 12209 Berlin. +49 30 72 01 28 66. Tue–Sat 14:00-22:00, Sun 12:00–22:00.
  • Weißes Rössl (7min walk), the first Bavarian restaurant in whole Berlin with excellent beer. Heinersdorfer Str. 15, 12209 Berlin. +49 30 7 72 30 30. Mon–Sat 12:00–23:00, Sun 12:00–22:00.
  • Golden Garden (8 min walk), a friendly Chinese. Heinersdorfer Str. 19A, 12209 Berlin. +49 77 39 36 20. Tue–Sun 12.00–22.00.

If you want to walk a few minutes more (or take a bike or car), the offer multiplies many times over. Just use apps like Google Maps, TripAdvisor and the like. Or ask your host!

Although this is not a hotel, for any request you can simply contact your host. Let’s see if we can fulfill it.

A Burgwächter PointSafe P 2 E FS with Code and Fingerprint is at your disposal in the right built-in wardrobe compartment. Instructions for its use you will find directly on the safe or in this manual.

A stay in a salt cave helps to leave stress and everyday life behind. The grottos are places of deceleration. The medical benefits are controversial; after all, the concentration is too low compared to inhaling salt solutions. In any case, health insurance companies do not pay for it. But for centuries, people in need of relaxation have sought out the sea to alleviate or even cure skin and respiratory diseases. The salt cave in the Jadehaus Lichterfelde (Jägerstr. 16A, 12209 Berlin, 15 min walk) is open as follows: Tue–Fri 16:00-20:00, Sat 10:00-19:00.  +49 30 76 58 03 53. 

A personal scale (Beurer BF600) is waiting for your weight in the bathroom. You can download the corresponding app from Beurer to your smartphone and create yourself as a user. The same applies to the smart scale (via app) in the sports room. A ⇢luggage scale is waiting to be used in the second drawer under the coffee machine.

Our residential area is considered very safe. However, years ago there were burglaries in the neighborhood. Accordingly, the house is secured with additional locks and bolts. There is also an alarm system. If you use a bicycle, keep in mind that Berlin is a hotspot of bicycle theft. So always connect and best not to leave it outside overnight (except here at the house). 

A sewing kA sewing kit is located in the third drawer under the smoothie blender. For further needs, e.g. sewing awl, just ask!

Basically, you do not need to take off your shoes in the house. You can put them on the shoe drip tray in your room or in the shoe cupboard in the entrance area. There is a shelf reserved for you (“Work & Wellness”). 

You can find a complete set incl. shoe polish in different colors in the bottom drawer under the TV.   

Please smoke only on the balcony or terrace. For smoking products see ⇢Tobacco products and/or ask.

In accordance with Berlin regulations, smoke detectors (Unitec EIM-217) are installed on each floor in passageways and common rooms, as well as in your room. In addition, the house has a ⇢carbon monoxide detector.

The WMF Kult X serves as handy smoothie mixer. You’ll see it in the kitchen section of your wardrobe. The manual / operating instructions can be found here.

The stay in our house, at least I hope, should be very relaxing. If you want to relax even more, a visit to a spa is a good idea. The nearest spa & sauna is: 

  • Spa Natura (previously Spucki Sommerbad), Hindenburgdamm 9, 12203 Berlin. +49 30 89 00 07 01. Currently under renovation. 
  • Dahlemer Sauna, Am Schülerheim 6, 14195 Berlin. +49 30 8 32 43 07. Mon–Wed 12:00–22:00, Thu 12:00–16:00 ladies only, 16:00–22:00, Fri 18:00–23:00. dahlemer-sauna.de

Admittedly, the sports room in the basement is rather small. Nevertheless, you can use it to tackle all muscle groups and on the cross trainer your endurance. Appropriate posters and literature can guide you. In addition, you have the pool, the large trampoline and the garden itself (yoga mat in the basement and in the cushion box on the terrace) at your disposal. And you can use one of the bicycles (talk to your host). Last but not least, the nearby park offers pleasant jogging opportunities. For even more workout check out ⇢Gym

The following supermarkets are closest to the house:

  • Nahkauf (7 min walk – or take the bicycle). Mariannenstr. 25, 12209 Berlin. + 49 30 77 05 97 27. Mon–Sat 07:30–20:00.
  • Edeka Christ (12 min walk), Hildburghauser Str. 52, 12279 Berlin. Mon–Sat 07:00–22:00.
  • Aldi (17 min walk), Hildburghauser Str. 248, 12207 Berlin. Mon–Sat 07:00–21:00.
  • Kaufland (24 min walk), Ostpreussendamm 60, 12207 Berlin. Mon–Fri 07:00–00:00, Sat 07:00–23:30. 

The latter is the largest with the longest opening hours. 

A telephone is located on the kitchen counter. The number is +49 30 55 20 69 93. Otherwise, you have ⇢Wifi throughout the house and can accordingly use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) such as WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom.

The TV, a design classic from Bang&Olufsen (Beovision 10-40 (first steps, user manual)), is located in the living room. AppleTV incl. Netflix is connected to it. Use the “OK-Guest” account. The big remote is for the TV: first press TV (top left), then V. Mem (left, third button from top). Then, take the small Apple remote.

The Berliner Tennis- und Tischtennisclub Grün-Weiß e.V. (Scheelestr. 45C, 12209 Berlin) is 650 meters from here, i.e. 8 min walk. It is open Mon–Fri 14:00–21:00 and Sat/Sun 14:00–19:00. You can reach it at +49 30 7 11 50 96 or bttc-berlin.de.

You can also use the terrace as a common space. Next to the bistro table with two chairs you can relax on the garden lounge or work or eat at the garden table. An outdoor socket is located to the right of the terrace door (facing the house). 

An outdoor thermometer is attached to your room window. Barometer and hygrometer are mounted in the living room to the left of the display cabinet. For more see ⇢Weather.

The time zone for Berlin is European Standard Time or Juliet.

You can buy cigarettes and tobacco in the supermarkets or 24/7 at the ⇢gas stations. The closest (except in the stores) are in the Italian and Greek ⇢restaurant not even 5 min walk away. You can also ask the ⇢host. He usually has some in stock. For a more exquisite selection you should go to 

Tabakwaren Haese (12 min walk). Lankwitzer Str. 1, 12209 Berlin. Mon–Fri 06:30–18:30, Sat 07:00–14:30.

And please do not smoke in the room, but outside on the balcony or terrace. Many thanks!

Besides the set in the third drawer under the smoothie blender, you have another one in the hanging mirror cabinet in the bathroom. If you need more, just ask your host. Various bath additives can be found on the shelf right next to the bathtub. 

There is a flashlight in the left desk drawer just in case. It is rechargeable with the included USB cable.

If you need any tools, ask your host. Almost everything is available. 

Standard are two towels (large and small). If you need more or want a fresh one, just let us know! For the use of the pool you will find more towels (in red) in the dresser of the entrance area. After use, please throw them directly into the laundry basket on the basement stairs!

The nearest train station is “Lichterfelde-Ost”, a regional train station, which takes you to the main train station in three stops (about 20 min). At the same time, it serves as an S-Bahn stop for lines S25 and S26. You can either walk there (approx. 12 min) or take the buses of the lines M11 or X11 from the bus stop “Stanzer Zeile” (approx. 4 min walk). 

Incidentally, the Lichterfelde-Ost station is old: Werner von Siemens operated the world’s first electric streetcar from there in 1881. The station is closely associated with the development of this neighborhood. More about this in the ⇢Travel Guide to this accommodation in the AirBnB app. 

In your room, a small trash can (10l) is waiting to be fed under the smoothie blender. A wastebasket is under the desk. In the bathroom, there is a pedal bin to the left of the toilet. When it’s time to empty it, ask your host or dispose of the knotted trash bag in the trash can by the front door. A roll of new bags, along with cleaning supplies, is located in the pull-out garbage can to the right of the trash can. In the kitchen, the trash can is under the sink. The first bin is for household trash, the second for the yellow garbage can. The trash can in front of the house is emptied every two weeks in the early morning of Friday. The “yellow bag” is collected by the Berliner Stadtreinigung (BSR) every two weeks on Wednesdays.

You only see what you know. Actually: You only behold what you already know and understand.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

To help you see more of Berlin, I have collected various travel guides of Berlin and placed them on the living room shelf (above the couch) as well as on the sideboard on the first floor. A few books are also on the dressing table in your room. You are welcome to borrow them. If you then put them back after use, the next guest will also be happy. 

Some sockets are already equipped with international plug system. A travel plug is also located in the top drawer of the office section of your cabinet.

In the upper cupboard of the entrance hall you’ll find different handy umbrellas for your convenience. Please, don’t forget to put them back!

Of course you are welcome to have visitors. If there will be more than two people, please coordinate the visit with the host. If someone stays overnight, it is no problem (and will not be charged extra). It would be nice if you could introduce me (so that I don’t accidentally shoot him/her as a burglar of the night ;-)).

The voltage is 220 V. A ⇢travel plug for other systems is waiting for its use in the third drawer under the smoothie maker.

If you want to make sure you wake up at a certain time and not fully rely on your ⇢alarm clock, ask your host. 

Lilienthal Park attracts many walkers at any time of the year. It was there that Otto Lilienthal made his attempts at gliding. It is especially beautiful during the cherry blossom. Guided walks on certain topics can also be exciting. However, these are more likely to be found in the city center, e.g. 

secret-tours.berlin blickgewinkelt.de/herbstspaziergaenge-berlin/ tip-berlin.de/stadtleben/12-alte-dorfkerne-berlin/

The two bottles on the side table are complimentary, you would have to get more bottles yourself (see supermarkets). The tap water has drinking water quality. 

The Lower Havel in the southwest of the city of Berlin includes the Scharfe Lanke, the Stößensee and the Großer Wannsee. At several places you can practice the following water sports and rent the appropriate equipment: 

Stand-up paddling,Sailing,
Jet ski,Windsurfing,
Canoe and kayak,Water skiing and wake-boarding.

Google the relevant keywords to find out about current offers. Virtually all of them can also be reached by ⇢Public transport

To determine the weather, you can use your ⇢thermometer in your room and hygrometer and barometer in the living room (to the left of the display cabinet). In addition, you can use your standard smartphone app. From experience, this is not very accurate, as it is based on the American model, the Global Forecast System (GFS), which does not provide good values for small-hearted and changeable Germany. Better you orient yourself to wetter.net or wetter.com. Wetter online also provides information on pollen counts and winter sports.

For your well-being and a relaxing stay you can use the following things here in the house:

Bath and Bathtub ,Earplugs,Sports room,
Bicycle,Eye mask,Swimming pool,
Coaching,Garden loungers,Yoga.

Other suggestions outside: 

Massage,Salt cave,Water sports.

Throughout the house and garden you have Wifi reception. In your room, a AVM Fritz ⇢Powerline Adapter is generating the Wifi. You can also connect a LAN cable (left drawer of the dressing table) to it. 

Network name: OK-Gast 
Password: Berlin1244 

If something does not work, contact your host. 

Yoga mats can be found in the sports room as well as in the cushion storage box (terrace). The key to it hangs to the right of the terrace door. As a place for yoga offer:

Your room,Living/dining room,
Sports room,Garden.
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